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There’s a big difference between being designated a leader and being deserving of leadership.
— Korry Franke

Whether you're a new leader stepping up for the first time, an organization facing a moment of challenge, or a college student seeking direction, the following interactive keynotes and workshops meet you where you are and help you get where you want to go. 

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Taking Command: How to soar to success by embracing your captain’s mindset

Congratulations! You're a leader. Now what? How do you succeed when the torch is handed to you? How do you harness the power of your team to drive real, measurable results? And how do you ensure your progress isn't thrown off course by an unexpected challenge or event? 

Find out for yourself when Captain Korry Franke, formerly the youngest captain flying for United Airlines, puts you in the captain's seat for an engaging and interactive flight through a variety of high-stakes captain decision point scenarios. Along the way, you'll discover the 3 critical elements for embracing your own captain’s mindset, which enable captains of any industry step up and succeed, even when the pressure is on. 

Three Feet to the Left: An airline pilot’s UNEXPECTED journey from chasing credentials to finding fulfillment

Airline captain Korry Franke used to think success came from following a simple formula: set a goal, work backwards to plot a course, and execute with excellence along the way. But after getting promoted to captain and moving 3 Feet to the Left from the first officer's seat he had previously occupied, Korry found himself captivated by the life journeys of his co-pilot colleagues. Over time, Korry realized his formula for success was missing one critical piece--a piece that completely changed how he defined success and, perhaps, how you do, too.

In 3 Feet to the Left, Korry offers a glimpse in front of the cockpit door as he unpacks the key to better understanding and accepting your circuitous journey through life. Because, as it turns out, in one way or another, we are all on our own journeys...3 feet to the left.

Keeping Your Wings Level: How to strive and climb when adversity arrives

We all face challenges. Sometimes they surface as a painful diagnosis or personal loss. At other times, they arrive as a merger, a project that goes off the rails, a public relations disaster, or an external event that shakes the realities of a business like a powerful earthquake.

In Keeping Your Wings Level, Captain Korry Franke, formerly the youngest captain flying at United Airlines, offers a framework on how to prepare for challenges, how to safely manage through them, and how to turn those events into drivers for personal, professional, and corporate growth and success. 

Plotting Your Career Flight Plan: How to define direction and soar to success

Young leaders face a more daunting career landscape than ever before as both opportunities and challenges exist everywhere. So how does one decide where to go? How does one plot a course that builds on itself and accelerates achievement? And how does one respond if the path doesn't lead where it's expected to go?

In Plotting Your Career Flight Plan, airline captain Korry Franke, formerly the youngest captain flying at United Airlines, offers a simple framework that helps students and young professionals find direction, plan a career that builds on itself, and navigate career "diversions" that accelerate advancement. 

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