3 Feet to the Left is on sale now!

You should keep a journal.

These were the words of wisdom from more than a few captains with whom I flew just prior to becoming a captain myself. They assured me I wouldn’t believe the things that happen during my first year in the left seat. So I kept a journal, and true to form, I couldn’t believe the things that happened to me.

Now, a little more than 5 years since first taking command of a United Airlines Boeing 737 for the first time, I’m excited to announce that the story of my first year as a captain, 3 Feet to the Left: A New Captain’s Journey from Pursuit to Perspective, is officially on sale on Amazon as both a paperback and an eBook!

While I’ll have lots to say about the book in the near future, for now, I just want to share this brief promo video I put together.

3 Feet to the Left is a story about me, but it’s really a story about all of us. Because in one way or another, we are all on our own journeys…3 feet to the left.

Come with me!