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You see, a captain’s mindset isn’t exclusive to aviation; rather, it’s a requirement for leaders who aim to achieve results in any field. A captain’s mindset will help you build better relationships, lead more effectively, and operate more efficiently.

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As a major airline captain, speaker, and author of 3 Feet to the Left, Korry Franke leads people and organizations on life-changing journeys.



3 Feet to the left

What's it really like to be a new airline captain? How does it feel to be ultimately responsible for a jet, its crew, and the lives of its passengers? And how does one remain calm while battling mechanical malfunctions in the flight simulator, thunderstorms in Mexico City, or blizzards in Chicago? Find out for yourself when you strap in to the extra flight deck jumpseat and fly along with 31-year-old Korry Franke in this vivid, fast-paced memoir about his eventful first year as a United Airlines 737 captain. Experience the challenges, insecurities, successes, and failures of a new leader stepping up and taking command in the high-stakes world of airline flying. And along the way, discover that while 3 FEET TO THE LEFT is a story about Korry, it's really a story about all of us. Because in one way or another, we are all on our own journeys...3 feet to the left. 

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Are you a new leader taking command for the first time?

Are you trying to plot your course to success and fulfillment?

Are you unsure how to turn a challenge you're facing into a catapult for greater growth?

Is the success you have achieved unfulfilling? 

Korry's engaging and entertaining keynotes and workshops offer easy-to-understand and easy-to-implement frameworks that you can put to work in your life and in your organization starting on Day One. 

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